Due to our hectic lifestyle with both partners working full or part-time it is important to create peace and balance in our lives, for yourself and for your kids. Having survived a hard day of work, traffic jams and picking up the kids on time at the day care, most of us are bushed by the time we've fixed dinner. It’s doable, but luckily there are alternatives.

A good Au Pair can eliminate moments of stress and help you make your rush hour into quality time. She really is an extra ´You´ at a time when you need one. It is important though to realize that the au pair needs attention and guidance, as you would give to any member of your family. As she needs to learn a different routine, has different cultural habits and speaks a different language, she, obviously needs time to adapt to your family and the Dutch habits. It is, after all, a cultural exchange program. With the right match, guidance and agreements this shouldn’t be a challenge, but actually an added value to the whole family.

An au pair is clearly beneficial for numerous reasons, such as introducing your kids to a different language and culture at an early age, reducing childcare expenses and avoiding waiting lists at day care centers. You and your partner need to decide what is best for your family, but once you've decided, we are here to guide you further through the process.