After you have filled out the contact form with your information, one of the HBN regional managers will contact you to make an appointment for a visit. A manager will visit your home to have a more personal interview to get to know you better. After confirmation on the assignment and conditions we will set up a family profile and start our search for the perfect au pair.



Next we will propose one, two or more au pair candidates to you who we think could be matching with your family, lifestyle and whishes. These candidates are selected and interviewed with care so we can find the perfect match between your family and the Au Pair as soon as possible (average 2-3 weeks). When one of the candidates could lead to a possible match we set up a Skype date between the family and au pair candidate. When it truly fits and both parties have agreed to the match and conditions and there is consensus on the weekly schedule, the agreement is drawn up in consultation with the family. Hereafter we will continue with the paperwork to bring the au pair to Holland.



As a host family of your new au pair there has to be proven that you abide by the legal terms that apply to the au pair program. With the required documents of the Au Pair and family we will (if necessary) apply for the visa and residence permit (TEV). This will take about 4 weeks (regulations). After the Visa has been approved we will guide you in all the preparations for your Au Pairs arrival. Together with our expertise partners, we assist you in arranging the flight for the au pair and arranging the necessary Au Pair insurances.



Apart from the fact that a good match between the host family and the Au Pair is vital, it is equally as important to make sure that both parties know what to expect from each other. Clear rules provide a sturdy base for a good and mutually beneficial relationship. That's why we developed a separate training/briefing for the family and au pair. In those briefings all important aspects are covered which are part of the au pair program. But also, what to expect of each other and how to handle certain situations and cultural differences. During the preparations, before arrival we will give both parties tips and tricks. After arrival the au pair receives the HBN welcome package and we'll arrange a training after 1,5 months when all the new au pairs meet. That's how we'll cover different aspects and are able to share stories. Because au pairs are not certified nannies but do spend a lot of their time with your kids we feel it is important that your Au Pair will follow a First Aid Course so she will know how to prevent accidents with children and that she knows what she needs to do in case of emergencies. We therefore organize a special First Aid course in collaboration with the Red Cross. This course is the initiative of two promoted doctors who have also written a book about the same subject. Host parents are also welcome to participate.



During the year we will contact the host family and the au pair multiple times for an evaluation on how everything is going and to check if any structural changes have taken place in the family or au pair situation. Especially in the third and forth month the Au pair is contacted in case she's feeling a bit down, which is common in the third/forth month. During the entire exchange period we will be at the disposal for the family or au pair for advise, further guidance or a second opinion. We will treat every conversation confidential.



If you would like to apply please register. subsequently we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment for an intake visit. If you are not sure yet, you can contact  us at any time for questions or further information. you are always welcome for a cup of coffee at our office or a videocall through skype or facetime.