Registration form:

You can directly register by filling out the registration form. If we have an agent in your country she will contact you directly. If not, we will guide you from HBN in the Netherlands. The registration fee is €30,-.



After you register on our site, we will send you the Intake form and we will contact you (through Skype or through one of our agents) for an interview. In the interview we want to get to know you better. Besides your motivation, your qualifications and experiences are the most important for our screening. We will also check if you meet all requirements/ legal conditions and of course we will record your wishes. We select our Au Pairs on the following points;

  • Age; preferably 20+
  • High school diploma (or a similar education)
  • Speaks reasonable English and is willing to learn another language
  • Loves children, loves to play, teach and educate them, has experience with taking care of children and good references/pictures
  • Characteristics: reliable, sociable, happy, energetic, patient, flexible and responsible

Not only our Au Pairs but also our families will be screened. We feel responsible for placing you in a loving family who will treat you with respect and also will treat you as a part of the family. If families do not meet to the set conditions we do not proceed with them. Check all legal conditions.



We will carefully select a family for you who we think could match your profile. If a family chooses to have further contact with you, and you feel the same way about them, we will arrange a Skype or phone appointment. When there is a click between you and the family we will arrange the documents you need to travel to the Netherlands and send you the Au Pair contract in which your duties and ticket agreements, insurance and courses are set up. The majority of the go and return ticket (or full) is paid for by the family.



You need to send us scans of the legally required documents. If you live outside the EU, and do not live in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States, we will need to apply for a Visa and residence permit(TEV) for you. Only an authorized agency like HBN can apply for these Visa's. Next to this we arrange insurance, assist the family in booking flight tickets and prepare them and you for your arrival.


Placing and coaching:

When you arrive in the Netherlands you will be picked up and welcomed by the family. In the first 1,5 months of your arrival we will organize a welcome training for all the new au pairs. We will brief and advice you on what is expected of you and how to handle certain situations. We will also help you to get along with people better by explaining the cultural differences there might be. We also guide the family in what to expect form an Au Pair and to manage their expectations in advance.  We think it is also important for our Au Pairs to obtain a First Aid Diploma so we will arrange for you to attend a First Aid course in the first month of arrival, the family will pay for this course.



We will contact you at least three times to evaluate how things are going. We will call you and your host family separately to see if both parties are happy and  to see if anybody needs advise. During the whole exchange period, we can be contacted by the Au Pair and family for advise or help. We will always treat every conversation confidential. Further HBN will organize several outings through the year with all the HBN girls. Find out more on our Huisje Boompje Nanny Facebook - page. Register now?



  • Registration €30,-.
  • Part of the flight ticket costs.

Want to register? Then please fill out the registration form.