The Dutchies:
Holland is known around the world for its outgoing and friendly culture. Young foreign people will notice the free and open vibe the moment they arrive. Integration and adaptation in Holland is easy when you're open to new experiences. Don't be afraid to ask questions to people you don’t know. Dutch people are very hospitable and will always help you out. Since most people in Holland speak one or two extra languages (usually English), communicating is not a problem.
The Dutch are known for their professionalism; they like to get down to business straight away and they have a no-nonsense culture. Another trait of the Dutch is almost the opposite of this. The Dutch love to have a lot of time off and they like to spend this time socializing, this is called ´gezelligheid´. It is a typical Dutch word which is untranslatable in any other language. Ask anybody in Holland about this and they will all give a different explanation to the meaning of the word.

Holland is small and cozy (also ´gezellig´). Next to cars and public is biking THE means of transportation. With its endless miles of cycle paths and flat terrain, cycling is enjoyable and relaxing. The Dutch love their bikes!

Traditional Festivities:
The most important holliday for Dutch children is ´Sinterklaas´. This is celebrated on the 5th of December. On this date, also known as ´pakjesavond´, sinterklaas rides his horse over the roofs of the houses together with ´Zwarte Piet´to bring the little children presents. During the period leading up to Sinterklaas, the kids put their shoes near the chimney and sing songs at night to find small presents from Sinterklaas the next morning.
Another traditional festivity is Kings day or ´Koningsdag´, celebrated on the 27th of April. This is celebrated in honor of the Kings birthday. All people wear orange clothes and everything is decorated with orange. Amsterdam amongst other cities and villages is the centre of people celebrating. It is an experience you will definitely enjoy.
Although the Dutch are very down to earth, they go mad whenever there is a national event. If you’re for instance visiting during the European football championships the meaning of the Dutch ´gezelligheid´ will be apparent in every city you visit.